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Get the Best Benefits from CoinTracking Partners

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

CoinTracking is happy to partner with leading crypto brands to offer our customers the best benefits, exclusive offers, and trials.

This article covers all the current benefits that all CoinTracking partners are offering you, and it will be updated regularly to reflect new additions to this exciting list.

From leading market research tools to your favorite exchanges, you'll be able to get discounts on the best products, 0% trading fees, long-term free trials, and many more benefits.

Get your favourite crypto research tools with a discount


IntoTheBlock is our market analysis partner, giving you stellar on-chain data analysis integrated into CoinTracking. For example, CoinTracking's Coin Charts & Trends page, Bitcoin on-chain analysis, and more.

IntoTheBlock is one of the featured solutions in our 7 best tools for Bitcoin analysis guide,

The offer:

  • 90 days full free access for CoinTracking Premium users

  • 7 days trial for CoinTracking Free users

Sign up to IntoTheBlock, and you'll receive your trial based on your membership level.

Crypto Research

Crypto Research is a top market cryptocurrency research tool, helping you navigate market shifts so you can always be on top of your crypto investments.

The offer:

  • 20% discount for CoinTracking Premium users

Check how to claim the offer on the Benefits page.

Token Metrics

Token Metrics is a top crypto data and research company, offering you the best of price predictions, crypto ratings, institutional-grade crypto research, and more to help you become a top crypto investor.

The offer:

  • 10% discount for all Token Metrics plans

Sign-up to Token Metrics, choose your plan, and enjoy the discount. All details here.


Are you a self-starter? Want to do your own data analysis on excel? Then, Cryptosheets is for you! You can easily sync your portfolio data from CoinTracking into excel or google sheets using Cryptosheets’ add-in.

The offer:

  • 1000 free API calls per month

  • 20% discount on paid plans

Sign-up at Cryptosheets and follow the instructions to get your offer.

Learn crypto with the best courses available

Sharper Trades

Learn all about technical analysis, candlestick patterns, and other on-chain metrics to improve your crypto trading skills. Sharper Traders is ideal for people wanting to become swing or day traders. Check the best tools to learn about crypto.

The offer:

  • Save 50% on the course when you buy a lifetime access

  • Get a 7-day free trial with the subscription plan

Follow the steps on the Benefits page and sign-up using this link.

Espeo Blockchain

Do you want to learn more about building smart contracts, tokenomics, decentralized applications, or Blockchain integrations? Check Espeo Blockchain course with a 75% discount for CoinTracking customers. Espeo is a leading development company that can help you navigate the intricacies of launching crypto projects around these areas.

The offer:

  • 75% for Espeo's Blockchain Workshop

Submit the Espeo Blockchain form and mention your CoinTracking username. You'll then receive this discount.

Get hired by the best crypto companies

Crypto Careers

Crypto Careers is one of the best job boards in the crypto space, with a great variety of offers from leading crypto and DeFi companies.

Check their weekly newsletter with featured positions, with an emphasis on remote work. If your company wants to post new jobs and attract the best people, you can enjoy the discount for CoinTracking users (including corporate).

If you're in the US, learn the tax implications of receiving your salary in crypto.

The offer:

  • 25% discount on all products

Follow the steps on the Benefits page to claim the offer.

Submit your crypto taxes error-free!


Do you want to have your CoinTracking account reviewed by a professional CPA in the US or Australia?

CoinTracking Full Service is your way to have your crypto taxes taken care of. Let a professional review your CoinTracking account, help guide you through the muddy waters of crypto taxes, and submit your returns hassle-free. Get your discount!

The offer:

  • Only for CoinTracking premium users

  • 20% discount for UNLIMITED users

Go to the Full Service page and enjoy your discount.

Secure yourself and your crypto with the best tools


Leaving your crypto on an exchange wallet is a serious security threat. Investing in a cold wallet could be the best answer to protect your hard-earned crypto profits. Fortunately, CoinTracking has partnered with BitBox, a premier Swiss-made hardware wallet, to help you secure your crypto.

The offer:

  • 5% discount on all items (Free users)

  • 10% discount on all items (Premium users)

Choose your BitBox and accessories in the ShiftCrypto store, enter code "COINTRACKING," and enjoy your discount.

Spend you crypto with zero fees


Want to spend your crypto online? Look no further? DashBargain is the place for you to spend crypto on your favorite products while enjoying zero fees.

If you’re in the US, check this guide on the tax implications of spending crypto to buy products/services.

The offer:

  • Zero fees on your first two orders

Check the steps on the Benefits page to claim the offer.

Use the best trading tools in the market

NewsCrypto offers a complete crypto solution, from education to the best technical indicators and community predictions, for you to have a full trading experience.

The offer:

  • 14 days free trial

Create a free account, go to the subscription page, and insert the code for the trial (if you’re a Premium user).


Do you want to set up a trading bot? Stratos allows you to implement 24/7 bot trading strategies based on your desired exchange, timeframes, and other inputs.

The offer:

  • 25% discount on all plans

Sign-up to Stratos, enter the code available for Premium CoinTracking users and enjoy the discount.


Do you want a dollar-cost average with Bitcoin? You can set up investment strategies like DCA easily with Quadency through their bot capabilities.

The offer:

  • 25%-50% off + 3 months free trial

  • 25% off + 1 month free trial for CT free users