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BitYard chooses CoinTracking as an exclusive tax partner

CoinTracking is excited to announce a new partnership with one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, BitYard.

BitYard is one of the fastest-growing crypto brokers worldwide, based in Singapore, enabling people to trade over several cryptocurrencies, including Futures and Leveraged Tokens.

BitYard is available across 150 countries, helping thousands of crypto investors trade their favorite digital assets while enabling extra features such as copy trading, where you can follow other successful traders.

We’re offering a 10% discount for BitYard customers to easily start tracking their crypto. Sign-up today!

CoinTracking supports BitYard trades with a new CSV importer

BitYard’s customers can trade multiple cryptocurrencies on its exchange, converting digital assets to stablecoins or FIAT currencies (e.g., EUR, GBP) and conduct more advanced trading operations like Futures.

CoinTracking is happy to support BitYard customers with a new CSV/Excel importer to track all of those crypto operations.

The new CSV importer supports deposits, withdrawals, and trades conducted on BitYard. Learn how to start importing your trades here.

Track your BitYard trades with CoinTracking

CoinTracking offers 25+ other advanced portfolio tracking features, from coin charts to display which coins in your portfolio may be tax-free based on their holding period (subject to each country’s regulations).

Beyond tracking your BitYard trades, in the majority of countries, trading crypto leads to several taxable events, creating the need to track gains/losses. We can help with that!

CoinTracking becomes BitYard’s exclusive tax partner

BitYard has chosen CoinTracking as its exclusive crypto tax partner, helping every crypto trader and investor with a fully-fledged solution for crypto taxes.

According to your country, you may need to track all of your crypto trades with information like:

  • Cost basis

  • Date acquired

  • Date sold

  • Sales proceeds

  • Capital gain/loss

CoinTracking can help BitYard customers automatically track all of that information.

After importing all of your crypto trades from BitYard, you can generate compliant tax reports to ease your tax season.

Enjoy your 10% discount on CoinTracking and become tax compliant today!

About CoinTracking

CoinTracking is the leading crypto portfolio and tax software in the market. CoinTracking supports hundreds of exchanges and blockchain importers, including the latest trends such as NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, etc.

Join 1M+ people in taking care of your crypto taxes with the best solution in the market. For personalized professional tax help, reach out to our Full Service, available in 15+ countries.

About BitYard

BitYard is one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges based in Singapore, serving customers in 150+ countries.

BitYard offers crypto enthusiasts a premier outlet to trade several cryptocurrency pairs (including FIAT gateways) and derivatives. Start trading on BitYard!

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